NOTW: Zoya Jules

Looooove this. The color in real life is somewhere between the two of these (the first is with flash, the second is without, in crappy apartment lighting).


NOTW: Incoco from Angela! (and a slightly underwhelming mani)

Angela was a total sweetheart and sent me some goodies a while back, and I’ve been hoarding them and carefully doling them out to myself (they are amazing). Last Thursday, I put on the brilliant leopard-print Incoco nail appliqués she sent – and was immensely overjoyed by 1-how stunning they are (I cannot stop staring at my nails and showing them off) and 2-how easy they were to apply – for some reason I expected them to be difficult, but I found them to be pretty noob-friendly and easy to get on. And they’ve lasted REALLY well, considering how hard I am on my nails in general (lots of typing, and using my nails to get under things or in things even though I know that risks chipping and breaking): another mani would be destroyed by now, but I’ve only got tip wear on three fingers, and, honestly, that’s most likely because I used a coarse file on them before applying, and so the tips of my nails aren’t as smooth as they could be, and therefore haven’t been playing as nicely with the appliqués as they could. I’m generally too lazy for nail art, and I don’t know any salon around here that would do a similar mani (or as well, if they did), so I’m pretty much SOLD on nail appliqués. I may never go back to “real” nail polish again. (Okay, I probably will. But…not too soon. I’m loving these too much.)

-Seche Rebuild base coat (I didn’t read the instructions, and put it on out of habit before I put on the appliqués – it is helping my nails stay strong and long, though, so yay for Seche Rebuild. Seche Vite, I still hate you, you gloopy, unsatisfying mess.)
-Incoco appliqués (I don’t see these on the site, but they look kind of similar to the Design ones in Purrty and Cat’s Meow)
-Gelous topcoat

I really expect these to withstand at least another week, before getting raggedy. In comparison, here’s the mani I had on previously, which lasted, oh, ONE DAY, before chipping to hell (yes, I used a top coat), and looked a hot fucking mess after three days:

-Seche Rebuild base coat
-Zoya nailpolish in Emme (3 coats)

-two coats OPI I Lily Love You (so pretty in the bottle, so disappointing on the nail)
-Gelous top coat

Nails of last week and this week :)

Last week: Zoya Gemma (just gorgeous!)

This week: two coats of Revlon Carbonite, 1 coat Seche Vite (Carbonite was kind of gritty before the Seche Vite, but I’m not sure how I like the Seche Vite, either – but first time using Seche Vite, so I’m waiting to decide; and ugh, I didn’t realize they needed to be cleaned up around the edges – although by now it’s worn off and cleaned itself, so….win)

Zoya Pasha

I got this during the polish exchange, and chose this color on a whim, really. I’m so glad I did, because I loooooove it. When I got my bottles, I looked at Pasha and was like, “Hm….Not a wow-er.” But I was so wrong. I thought the color was more reserved than I’d normally wear, but I couldn’t stop staring at it once it was on. And it has just the right amount of shimmer for the color, in my opinion – just enough to make it interesting, not so much that it seems weirdly gaudy for the color. Also, shimmer aside (because I don’t think the Sally Hansen has shimmer) it was everything I hoped Sally Hansen Commander-in-Chic would be, but wasn’t. Commander-in-Chic: phbbbbbbbbbbbt!: Blah color; irritating, unworkable brush; crap consistency. Pasha: THIS is what I’m talking about: the color is just right; great brush; great formula; applies like a dream. You know, basically what I’m coming to expect from Zoya. 🙂 Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t quite do it justice. The shimmer doesn’t show up on my nails, but you can see it around the flash reflection on the bottle.

And I don’t think I mentioned it with the Adina post, but Adina lasted two weeks on my nails, with relatively little tip wear. Pasha was in just as great condition when I took it off last night as it was when I first applied it last weekend, and without a top coat. (And I type all day at work, and then quite a bit in the evening, and am pretty rough on my nails.) I just had a bee in my bonnet about finding a certain red polish, so Pasha had to come off.