FOTD: I WAS LAZY (11/06/12)

I mean, I WAS. It didn’t even have anything to do with Election Day – I voted early, and wasn’t even thinking about it when I did my makeup that morning. 😦 Or I’d have done something loud. Ah well. Also, I don’t know if the Prestige liner migrated, or the Wet n Wild mascara ran, but something leaked under my eyes. Normally, I’m a big fan of raccoon eyes/slept-in makeup, but this is a bit extreme even for me. I wasn’t too chuffed about it. And when I tried to wipe it off, it would just smear around my face even more. Like, HOW YOU GONNA *NOT* STAY IN ONE PLACE ON MY WATERLINE, BUT THEN AS SOON AS I TRY TO REMOVE YOU YOU PRETEND TO BE PERMANENT?!? Not cool, jerkface.

I went to Mitch’s Bar and Grille on 9th Street to watch the election returns with some friends. That was actually lots of fun. Good food, excellent company, AND Laura finally explained the electoral college in a way that sticks in my head (honestly, I don’t know why it wouldn’t stick before, but at least it does now). We talked shit, told jokes, chatted, and also talked about some serious stuff, like the colonization of Hawai’i :(, how different voting systems operate and their pros and cons, why income tax cuts actually WON’T encourage job creators/business owners to create more jobs, the merits of cinnamon sugar for sweet potato tots vs. putting ketchup on them. It was a blast, and Mitch’s is great, and I hadn’t been there before, so yay! On the way home, I turned the radio on to the Beeb, and heard them call Ohio for Obama, and made the most ear-splitting sounds I’ve ever produced in my life. And then was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy and relief (not just because of the election results, largely also because I’d so enjoyed hanging out with Greg and friends, and just been hit with a heavy spontaneous dose of gratitude at how much I love my life and am grateful) – ANYWAY, I was so *literally* overwhelmed with happiness that I couldn’t process all the feelings, or the sheer overwhelming amount of feeling, and had a full-on panic attack. That was…well, it wasn’t fun, but it was kind of funny. I told Greg, “I’m feeling too many feelings! That’s what this is!” And also whined, “But I’m HAPPY! Whyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!” Oh, anxiety, you’re a trip.

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Dammit, Janet, I love you! (NTMS RHPS showcase)

For this week’s NTMS showcase, which is Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed, I decided to go with Janet’s makeup for most of the movie, which is pretty subtle and toned-down. Getting a good, subtle, beautiful, “natural,” “no makeup” makeup look is much harder for me (and I use way more product) than something like Frank’s makeup, or the masks at the end, which I’d basically color-block out and fill in. So, I thought I’d go for the challenge, even if it wasn’t as visually exciting as the other RHPS options. (Also, Riff Raff is my absolute favorite character, and I wasn’t sure how to successfully interpret/communicate/transform him into a makeup look on myself, so. Janet it was.)

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MUH: Boyfriend tag (husband, in this case)

Convinced Greg to do my makeup. He is right-handed, so I got to sit on the left, and discovered after filming that profile is decidedly not a flattering angle for me – at least not when I’m sitting on the couch and slouching over. But fuck it, it’s reality: I have that oddly hooked nose (Graeco-Roman? I believe I read somewhere, on a treatise about noses, of all things, that it was one or the other, but I can’t remember which now. And whatever “noble line” my nose is supposed to have, I’m not really a fan of its shape. It gets the job done, though, so no real complaints.); I have a wattle; and I have that weird top vertebra hump from years and years of slouching and poor posture (and probably also genetics, since my mom and her mom had it, too – but poor posture ain’t helping). BUT FUCK IT. It is who I am (as well as that magnificent rack, if I do say so myself, and I do), and I got Greg to put makeup on me, and it’s funny. So, for your viewing enjoyment:

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FOTD: Shamelessly stolen from Lily (1/4/12)

When we went up to New York for Thanksgiving, at Thanksgiving dinner, I was particularly taken with Lily’s makeup – so I shamelessly hit her up for the details: Milani Runway Eyes in Lily White, and Milani Easyliner for Eyes Glitter in Precious Silver. She was wearing it with a bright true red lipstick, and it looked fantastic on her, and fantastic with the shadow and liner – but I *finally* found Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb (which I’ve been lemming for at least a year by now) over the weekend, so I wore it instead of a redder red.

And, yeah, way overdue for a bang trim. And even more overdue for an eyebrow wax. Ho hum, oh well.

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