FOTD: America’s Next Top Cub! (11/03/12)

So Saturday I got my hair cut, clearly, and then later in the evening I went to Flex, to watch my friend Jay compete in their cub contest. He totally should have won, but whatever. I’m biased, but I also yelled loud as hell (and wasn’t the only loud motherfucker yelling for him). I had a pretty great time, and afterward we went to IHOP and I had cheesecake pancakes. I know, you envy my life. It *is* pretty awesome. 😉 Can’t remember what I did Sunday. Slept in and farted around, most likely.

OH! I stripped my hair, that’s what I did Sunday. Well, lots of farting around, and then stripped my hair. I’m trying to go vaguely pink/fuchsia (I’ve got three different shades, hopefully for more dimension), and so the old dye had to go.

Also, I am not that great at taking shots of my own hair. Obviously. (Espesh that second pic – I cut off the bottom of my head/neck/chin AND the bottom line of my hair. And that longer line is pretty dope. Especially after Jess has diffused it. Dang. My vanity is semi-thwarted. I’ll live.) And Greg wasn’t around, so….this is what you get! :O

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FOTD: Romantic waters (6/26/12)

Sorry the eyes are bit smudged. It really held up beautifully all day – but then I got a migraine on the way home from work, so I had my arm over my eyes on the drive home, and smudged it off a bit. 😦 But it was still pretty. And then I took some ibuprofen and some benadryl (to help me sleep), and put in my earplugs, put on my sleepmask, turned the fan on high, and took a nap. And woke up three hours later with no migraine! AWESOME! (They’re the best when you just sleep right through them, I think.)

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