FOTD: Rosy Parasol (6/24/12)

I’m trying to finally quit smoking again. The little bandages in my ear (in the blush shot) are Vaccaria seeds, for acupressure. They usually help me immensely (when I actually am ready to quit and not just fooling myself, that is; and when I actually make use of them to stop my cravings, instead of consciously ignoring them and having a smoke – Bad Kathy!). :/ Anyway, Sleek’s Rose Gold is the tits. Everyone should have it. But I’m not telling you anything new. 🙂

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Swatch Sunday, 6/26/11: Peachy Keen

I am really into peach right now, for some reason. It’s weird, because I used to really not like it, and now I kind of love it? Anyway. You’ve probably seen swatches of Sleek’s Paraguaya palette already – but I haven’t come across the blush and lipgloss from the Avoir la Peche set, so here are swatches of those. Plus peach-y, dreamsicle-y nails from Wet n’ Wild’s summer collection.

Sleek Pan-Tao blush:

Sleek Sugar May lipgloss (or pout polish, or some such):

Wet n’ Wild Sunburst nailpolish:

FOTNYE: Pixiwoo’s sparkly lash NYE look (12/31/10)

I wanted to wear some fun lashes for New Year’s Eve, and I decided to follow Pixiwoo’s sparkly lash New Year’s Eve tutorial. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially considering it’s my first cut crease, and it was a bit intimidating. (Sorry I look kind of gormless in this shot; just dazed out while Greg was taking them, and didn’t have another full one with the lashes.)

Details, close-ups, pics without lashes, and blather below.