FOTD: Yo Dawg, I heard you liked Sugar Pill! (6/29/12)

I needed something bright and cheery and maybe a bit over-the-top and silly/fun. So, this is the makeup and outfit I went with. It did a pretty good job of cheering me up, I must admit. Sugarpill and Darling Girl and Shiro and ribbons and Hello Kitty jewelry and frosting rings and silly guts and fishnets and Docs are a fantastic combo for cheering up and not feeling too serious.

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MUH: Nicki Minaj Inspired Look – Massive Attack

And don’t forget to watch Robyn’s wonderful NM-inspired look, and keep an eye out for the other ladies’ looks!

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FOTD: Rattata’s Strawberry (9/4/10)

No full face shot for this look, unfortunately. I was in a rush and only took the one, and just now discovered it’s horribly blurry. 😀 And no matter how well I blend it in, Benefit Lemon Aid seems to throw the shadow colors off, and in kind of a gross, yellow-ish way. So I’ve replaced my trusty Too Faced Shadow Insurance, since I don’t have any other eye primers to fall back on now – but I am planning on trying some indie primers soon-ish, so we’ll see how that goes.

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