FOTD: Perennial Peach Fuzz (8/29/12)

I wanted to do something orange-y/peachy while I had orange hair, et voila.

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FOTD: First star on the right (8/1/12)

And this is what I was wearing when we came home to find our house had been broken into. Fun times! But we didn’t lose too much, and the cats were okay, and we were okay, and now we’ve got bars up on the windows. So, yay for all that.

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FOTD: Stockholm Pixi (10/29/11)

This is the look I wore to Sam & Tricia’s wedding, which was so, so, so lovely! (But I managed just to cheese real big the whole time, and not cry. There was also a little boy sitting next to me, who kept looking at me and trying to decide whether to smile or not – I finally cracked him by making faces, after the wedding, when we were waiting to file out of the pews.)

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