FOTD: EA-inspired (8/3/12)

Inspired by Emilie Autumn – I’ll see if I can find the interview where she’s wearing what I was aiming for. It’s pretty glorious on her. And I’m not unhappy with my own results, but I’ll definitely be having another go at it. (Plus it’s just fun to pile on makeup like this.)

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Swatch Sunday, 7/22/12: Portland Black Lipstick Company

First things first, credit due to Mai, for reviewing this company, and providing A-FUCKING-MAZING swatches, or I wouldn’t have even known this gloriousness existed. You should run over and check out her swatches: Part One, and Part Two. Her swatches are much better applied than mine, and just gorgeous, AND she has more colors up, so you should definitely go check them out. But I’m going to throw these swatches up anyway (even though Mai’s are the queens!), because I FUCKING LOVE PBLC. Truth. (Also, I think my swatches are a bit more heavy-handed than Mai’s, so, if you’re into that…there you go. You can see how they look either sheer or heavy-handed like a sumbitch. 😉 ) You can buy PBLC products here, but some of their products (like Vegan Corpse Paint, Lux et Voluptas, and Chaiborg, which I’ll be swatching as soon as they arrive) at their etsy shop, here. You NEED some, promise!

Also, sorry the area around my lips is a bit red in some shots. This is what happens when, instead of swatching slowly throughout the week like I’d planned (to avoid such redness), I get lazy and just have a swatchfest on Sunday in one go. Soz.

left to right: Gilded Lily, Irony, Bug’s Blood, Lux et Voluptas

left to right: Bad Penny, This Corrosion, Blood Red, Undead Red

left to right: Pewter Cauldron, Artificial Amethyst, Black Lagoon, Black

Lip swatches below the cut.
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SERIOUSLY SWOONING over here from my first Portland Black Lipstick Company order.

I want to go ahead and show, but I’m going to be good and wait for Swatch Sunday.

(That is a bald-faced lie: I want to go ahead and show you ALL THE FREAKING GORGEOUSNESS, but I’m waaaaay too busy playing with it right now to be bothered with anything that might interrupt playtime. Like taking photos. Soz. You’re just going to have to wait. But holy shit, SO FUCKING GOOD!)