FOTD: 5/18/13

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FOTD: Paul & Joe (7/27/12)

Last weekend, I visited Wendy and Rob, and it was AWESOME! I started Friday out with a facial at Moshi Moshi, and got my makeup done there, too. It’s all Paul & Joe, but I have no idea what-all was used. Soz.

Read on for closeups, and what we did Friday night.
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Current loves

Since my camera is acting up, and I haven’t been playing with makeup lately, I thought I’d share what I’ve been *loving* lately, and what’s been helping me not feel so shitty while the sinus infection had its way with me. 🙂 Time for a rousing game of “pictures I snagged off Google Images” (in other words, I didn’t take these pictures, but I hope no one minds if I use them – they all seem to be promotional images).

For severely, chapped-to-bleeding, chapped noses; fixes that with a *quickness*!

For keeping chapped lips moisturized while drinking crazy amounts of water (for some reason, the rosebud salve just couldn’t keep up on my lips).

I don’t know if the immediate better feeling I get from this is psychosomatic, or if Pelargonium sidoides is actually helping, and I don’t care. All I care about is I feel better, and I actually like the taste quite a bit. (Although alot of people think it’s nasty.)

Great for convincing me it really is worth it to drag my sorry, half-dead carcass into the tub for a bath, and then risk freezing my balls off when I get out; the luxe smell and the plush feel equal twenty minutes of bliss.

Last but not least, the first makeup-related product I’ve ever thought I needed a back-up for: Paul & Joe’s limited edition 2010 nail polish in Sonata.

And here I thought the pink one (C 003, Classical) was kind of pretty, but nothing super duper special. The “beige-y, sparkly one” has completely bowled me over. While I was languishing on the couch last night, trying desperately to find something I both wanted to knit and had the mental wherewithal to knit, I ended up getting petulant and frustrated (of course), and gave up to paint my nails. (I’ve been on a real girly, vintage kick lately – very much, “Must not go out with stray brows or chipped polish!” It’s weird. And pincurls every night, oh yes.) I decided to try the other Paul & Joe polish I’d gotten, and oh my! One coat is PERFECTION! I just couldn’t stop staring at it. So pretty and girly and the right mix of subtle yet eye-catching! Cheered me right up! And then I decided to do a second coat. It’s still cute, but it’s much more noticeable now, and – dare I say it – I think it’s slid into tacky territory. And since when has that ever bothered me? Never, but it’s not quite the vibe I want right now, for some reason. (I feel like, especially with this haircut, the words “over the top” really don’t hold any weight with me. And yet, I’m bothered by the second coat of polish to the point of taking it off later tonight and repainting so it’s just one glorious coat.) Anyway, YES, YES, YES to this! I LOVE IT! And I’m definitely getting a back-up bottle. I couldn’t bear to run out. (I don’t really know if it’s that unique a color – maybe it’s not, actually, but *I* don’t have anything like it in my stash, or know of exact dupes, so…a second bottle of Sonata it is.)