FOTD: 4/29/14

Obviously, the color’s a bit off here, since that wall is white and not blue. But it was too dark, and when I fixed that, well….I’m no pro at photoshop. Quelle surprise, hein?

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FOTD: The Mermaid Katricia (9/1/12)

I have quite a bit of makeup bought with the intention of using it together – “get the look” kits, or pieces I bought at the same time because so-and-so had worn them together and I wanted to do that look, too, etc. So I’m trying to, you know, actually use them already. You’ll probably see more looks than usual where I’m reaching for a put-together group of shades, or copying a look someone’s already put together, rather than thinking real hard and putting shades together. 🙂 (Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I just look at all my options and sigh really loudly and flop facedown on my bed. Because my makeup’s on the vanity in the bedroom. So I’m within good flopping distance.)

This would be Concrete Minerals’s Mermaid Duo: Croma and Temptress.

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Dammit, Janet, I love you! (NTMS RHPS showcase)

For this week’s NTMS showcase, which is Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed, I decided to go with Janet’s makeup for most of the movie, which is pretty subtle and toned-down. Getting a good, subtle, beautiful, “natural,” “no makeup” makeup look is much harder for me (and I use way more product) than something like Frank’s makeup, or the masks at the end, which I’d basically color-block out and fill in. So, I thought I’d go for the challenge, even if it wasn’t as visually exciting as the other RHPS options. (Also, Riff Raff is my absolute favorite character, and I wasn’t sure how to successfully interpret/communicate/transform him into a makeup look on myself, so. Janet it was.)

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