FOTD: Ukulele Paradise (10/16/12)

This is what I actually wore to work (everything but the lipcolor):

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FOTD: Berry Neutral (11/29/11)

Happy birthday to my little hubbin! (Belated, since this post will go up *after* the 29th, boo on me.) We had ourselves a bit of a date, and hung out with peeps, and “someone” got a little sauced (but, hey, what are birthdays for? I guess). I thought I’d put in some effort to look cute, and my grrl Wendy suggested neutrals with a red lip – and then I busted out a berry-ish lip because I couldn’t pick a red I liked enough. Wanh wanh wanh. (But seriously, I tried on like five, and didn’t like any of them, and was like, well, fuck this.)

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