FOTD: Habanera for a trip! (6/1/12-6/2/12)

This is what I wore for our flight to England. Oh, yes – didn’t I mention? 🙂 We went to London for two days the first week of June, and then to Germany, for MetalFest West Germany (in Loreley). London was FUCKING AWESOME! I got to meet Robyn and Jon, and they are the bestest! And I got to get my makeup done by Robyn the day we left, and I got to do Robyn’s makeup (and it turned out better than I thought, yay!). Robyn’s already posted about our makeup doings here and some other stuff (like the AWESOME strong man hooper at Selfridges). I’ve got to get our SD card back and do some massive pic editing, and then I can post about the trip itself.

But – our flight out…we got to the airport three hours early, per their suggestion, and then our flight got delayed four hours. o.o I did not look this cute when we finally rolled into London. I looked rather more scraggly and bedraggled. (My hair was still a bit curly from the day before, when the incomparable Jess at MoshiMoshi cut it for me, and used a proper diffuser. I love that shit. I’ve got to get one for myself – one that *actually* sticks on my blowdryer and STAYS on, anyway.) Plus all the cute clothes and makeup I’d packed? WTF was I thinking? I wanted to be all cute and shit for Robyn, but we were only there two days, and then having that shit at a music festival? I don’t know what I thought. That’s not true, I do: I thought I’d be getting up every morning and doing up my makeup. But 1-we were camping, and 2-I was sick. So that didn’t happen. Instead, I was overpacked. Ah well.

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FOTD: Pam, for Jerry (6/27/11)

Jerry requested a look with Cruella, to see if she wanted it, and we decided I’d do a Pam-inspired look. (From True Blood. “My Pammie,” as I call her, is one of my two favorites on the show. The other is Lafayette, duh, he’s awesome. They both are, actually.) I’m pretty happy with how the look turned out, although I really should have smudged the liner out, and maybe used a lighter matte grey. But I don’t think I have a lighter matte grey, so this is what you get. 🙂 Also, I really need to find or make a screencap of Pam in that scene where she’s clearly applying a NARS lipstick – because I *swear* it looks more pink to me, closer to Damned. It also seems a bit glossy, not exactly matte. But NARS says it’s Cruella, so they should know. Anyway, here’s the look. (I’ll post my Pam-inspired outfit later.)

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FOTD: Pretty simple, actually (11/22/10)

I got fitted for contacts over the weekend, so I can wear sunglasses when it’s bright as fuck, and still be able to *see*. Like, at all. I am blind as shit, y’all. (Well, not really. But there’s this awesome anxiety interaction where, once shit gets a bit blurry, I start getting anxious about not being able to see, and shit just gets even more blurry because of my anxiety. Perception distortion for the win, yeah?) Anyway, I’m starting to get used to them, and last night I decided to find out if Zero would smudge onto my contacts when I did my waterlines. The good news is, it doesn’t. But I couldn’t manage to get all of it off my eyes last night, and it didn’t budge while I was sleeping, and you know what that means: I’m just going to trowel that shit on more heavily the next day. And here we are!

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