FOTD: Sweet candy housewife (1/26/11)

Don’t ask me what a “sweet candy housewife” is – I don’t even know myself. Those are just the first three words that popped into my head when I was trying to describe what I liked about this image:

How perfect are those pink-tipped pincurls?! Like little roses! So sweet.

So, yeah, this is my inspiration for today. Let’s see how I did:

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FOTD: Biker’s Ice Cream Party (11/16/10)

I wanted to try my hand at recreating the look from this video (especially now that my hair’s variegated blue, and I love matching makeup and hair). I didn’t want to do this *today*, since it was kind of involved, plus I had therapy (which isn’t always conducive to makeup). But I felt like playing with makeup tonight after I finished practicing uke (yes!), so I did. Yeah. It’s a shit ton of slap, but I like it!

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FOTD: Romantic English Rose (10/22/10)

I *finally* got around to watching Pixiwoo videos yesterday. Why did I wait so long?! They are adorable, and their looks are fantastic! (I especially love the 1920s and 1930s looks.) And I was particularly smitten with, and excited to try out, the Romantic English Rose look. I really love the products Sam used, but I was too lazy to run out to the mall for the higher end stuff, and stupid Target didn’t have the Pixi gloss, so I made do with drug store stuff, and I think it’s still pretty damn cute. I also got several compliments today, and also on Spirit Day, for looking especially put together. I think I just looked more…put-together, and a bit more professional than I usually do. Yeah, when I clean up, I clean up nice, get there. 😉

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