MUH: Superhero: Ghost

Close-ups and details below the cut.
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FOTD: Mouthing Off Exotically (2/1/12)

I’m officially starting a makeup no-buy today, for the entire month. I did make some last-minute purchases in January, of stuff I *really* wanted to try, so I wouldn’t be as tempted to break the no-buy – but just the stuff I felt was honestly lacking from my stash. (So, there’s still a great long list of stuff I’d like to have that I didn’t get, and won’t be getting until at least March.) I’m not including skincare/cleansing type stuff, because 1-I need to keep my face clean, and 2-I don’t tend to go as crazy splurging on skincare. Plus, I’m pretty well covered right now: really liking the Clinique three-step system, and then I’ve got plenty extra lotions and potions for extra-moisturizing, spa nights, masks, exfoliation, etc. But no buying makeup – I’m shopping my stash this month! Which I’m actually pretty excited about, as it means I’ll be using stuff that doesn’t get nearly enough love. I’m also considering a P10P, but I haven’t decided which ten items to use. To be honest, I’m almost definitely going to do a P10P as well, but it won’t start today, as I’ve got to sit and look through my stash for stuff I can use ALOT. ANYWAY! Here’s the look I put together today.

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FOTD: The Lumos Plum (1/11/12)

Now that I think about it – isn’t that weird glowing fruit from True Blood called a lumos fruit?

Anyway, I am SUPER BEHIND in editing pictures, making posts, posting videos for the Makeup Heroes, and ESPECIALLY commenting on blogs – as I’m sure y’all have noticed. Mea culpa. Right on getting that fixed. 🙂

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FOTD: Rose Plum (1/10/12)

Some of the Makeup Heroes are discussing doing 10-pans, or variations thereof. I’m still considering it – I don’t know if I have the willpower, to be honest, to not buy any new makeup until I’ve hit pan on 10 items. I’m still mulling it over – but I figured in the meantime, I *could* at least make an effort to use more of (if not all of) my stash. The Morgana Cryptoria bin was on top, so that’s what I’ve started with. (I’ve got most of my stash sorted by brand these days; that particular bin also holds a few Evil Shades lippies and shadows.)

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New MUH video (July Faves)/FOTD: Stay Beautiful, Hello Kitty! (8/13/11)

Queen Frostine
China Glaze
Kiss My Sass
-Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy: bought at a drugstore
-Etude House Moistfull Essence Toner: bought on ebay from seller zinopark
Darling Girl
Morgana Cryptoria

Product details and close-ups of the look I’m wearing in this video are below the cut. Swatches of Darling Girl and Morgana Cryptoria lippies to come soon.
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