FOTD: Clio’s Corruption (1/20/11)

I wanted to use Meow Cosmetics today, and I had to give a training session, so I went for a more neutral eye. I really love my Meow Cosmetics shadows – I don’t use them often enough. But, that’s a problem I have with most of my indie makeup. I’ve been fortunate enough (and profited from y’all’s lovely reviews) to get the good stuff, so it’s always difficult to decide what to use. What a difficult life, amirite? 😉 I just got my first order from Darling Girl Cosmetics today, so I’ll be playing with some of that tomorrow.

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Swatch Sunday, 1/9/11: random Meow Cosmetics

These are some of the Meow Cosmetics shadows that I have that I haven’t swatched yet, and aren’t in any collections I’ve seen swatched tons of times yet. I’ve got complete samples of the Friday the 13th, Guilty Pleasures, Simple Pleasures, Shattered Equinox, Sunless Sea, Halloween, Haunted Veil, and Crystalline Cat collections – but there’s a good chance you’ve already seen those a couple times. I’ll probably swatch them eventually, to satisfy my OCD urge to have everything swatched for the sake of completeness – but today I felt like doing stuff you may not have already seen. I’ve got one more shadow, a liner, and a blush, but I can’t get the damn camera to focus (it’s been iffy about that lately, not sure what’s going on), so those will be for next time. So, here we go.

over TFSI, top row, left to right: IdealEyes: Breakfast at Kitty’s; IdealEyes: Catablanca; IdealEyes: Cats in the Cradle

over TFSI, bottom row, left to right: IdealEyes: Street Cat; IdealEyes: Witty Kitty

FOTD: Perverse Media (11/2/10)

This is the face I make when I’m running behind in the morning and can’t get a good full face shot. GRR!

(I am constantly getting fed up with how long it’s taking me to get a workable shot, and pulling faces. Like, every time I do a FOTD. And then I finally get a usable one right after the face-making. Like magic!)

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FOTD: The Cartoon Mice (10/04/10)

I’ve been reading alot of Stan Rice lately, and in Fear Itself, I came across “peach and silver” a couple times, and it stuck in my head. (And I cleaned up my eyebrows, so I’m pretty sure this is the last of the backed up ones with crazy stragglers all over the place.) On tonight’s agenda is a fuck ton of laundry and some grocery shopping, since I’m making dinner tomorrow night and we’ve invited people over to help eat pierogi casserole and/or watch science documentaries and drink. So I need ingredients, and I’d like to get that huge pile of dirty clothes cleaned and put away. I’m a total slob, but on occasion I like to front like I’m not. Also, I need to fix my sewing machine, again, because it’s shitting the bed tension-wise, again, and I need to get some damn pillowcases sewn up and mailed out. (That “damn” is really there for me and my difficult sewing machine. The pillowcases aren’t causing any problems. At least, not yet.)

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Swatch Sunday, 08/29/10: Meow Cosmetics Friday the 13th Collection

As per usual, the bottom half of each swatch is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Except I noticed while swatching that it smells a little funny, so I think it’s time for either another tube of TFSI or a different primer. I’m thinking maybe Detrivore’s or Concrete’s – they seem to be pretty popular, and work well. Anyway, onto the swatches:

left to right: 13, accident, bad luck, broken mirror, cursed

left to right: fate, misfortune, paranormal, skeptic, spell

left to right: supernatural, trepidation, unlucky

I loooooove these shades and can’t wait to wear them! (I also got samples of the Guilty and Simple Pleasures collections.) You should check out Meow Cosmetics.