FOTD: Zombie Hearts (10/15/12)

The lovely Lillian gave me quite a few of the goodies I used for this look! (And several more I’ve yet to use – AND some Generation Q stuff, too, that I couldn’t get over here. She is an ANGEL, folks!) She gave me the Barry M lippie, which I adore (and another Barry M lippie I found tonight while reorganizing my stash – I can’t wait to wear it!); the Primark face shimmers, which are these super cute heart-shaped pellets of shimmery blush, I love them to pieces and am hoarding them so they last longer, but they give a lovely, soft effect; and then, OH MY GODS, the 2true glitter eyeliner! So, right, most glitter liners (at least the ones I’ve come across so far) has a clear base, and you basically have to put them over other liner. But I was feeling lazy, so I was like, “What the hell, I don’t feel like lining my eyes and then doing it again, so I’ll just go with only the 2true liner.” NO BASE NEEDED! They didn’t look or feel super-gritty, so while there IS plenty of purple glitter particles, I’m pretty sure they’re in a purple base! BRILLIANT! One-product, readable glitter liner! LOVE! Lillian! You have utterly spoiled me, and I am going to be smamming my face with stuff you sent on the regular for a while. If the rest of you get tired of it – too fucking bad! (Which reminds me, I need to stick the heart shimmers in my makeup bag for tomorrow.)

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