FOTD: Michelle Visage’s Black Hearts Party (12/5/13)

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FOTN: Leopard Love (6/3/11)

I wore this look to a show at the Pinhook, with a sweet (new-ish) leopard print tube dress I got. That dress is damn comfortable, and cute. I love it. Anyway, here’s the makeup I did – wanted to try out Too Faced’s Leopard Love compact, so I did.

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FOTNYE: Pixiwoo’s sparkly lash NYE look (12/31/10)

I wanted to wear some fun lashes for New Year’s Eve, and I decided to follow Pixiwoo’s sparkly lash New Year’s Eve tutorial. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially considering it’s my first cut crease, and it was a bit intimidating. (Sorry I look kind of gormless in this shot; just dazed out while Greg was taking them, and didn’t have another full one with the lashes.)

Details, close-ups, pics without lashes, and blather below.

FOTD: Gilded Opal (12/03/10)

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled copying programming for a dead-horse-beating special. I put this on to go to a friend’s birthday celebration, but it didn’t really even get started til midnight, and I was too sickly and passing out to end up going. 😦 I had three fillings yesterday afternoon, and I don’t think it makes much sense, but the anaesthetic seems to have made me super woozy. I went straight to bed after dinner (so, around 6ish) slept til 9 (I *never* take more than a 1.5 hour nap), “got ready,” put on makeup, managed to stay up til 11:30, passed the fuck out. Slept soundly through the night until 10:30, just barely managed to get my shit together to go to dance class. Which was AWESOME since it was just me and Sara and she gave me a lot of feedback, both about what I was doing slightly wrong and what I was doing great already. So yay! I intended to go into work afterwards and make up time from yesterday, but it’s snowing like crazy. It’s not sticking to the roads, but snow makes me nervous, so I’m chilling at home, with a bunch of candles going, all snuggly and watching Da Vinci’s Inquest. I think later it’s going to be time for a Myrna Loy marathon and knitting. Or maybe sewing. And I ain’t leaving the house for shit tonight. I don’t care if it’s not getting down to freezing til 6am. Fuck it. Anyway, here’s the super ambitious, kind of draggish look I put together. Still like it, though. 🙂

Night before last, for some reason I decided to put pincurls in. I think I really like how they turned out. I’m feeling Rita Sue’s style these days (even though it’s not very practical for cold-ass weather), and pincurls kind of suit. I was tired as shit Friday morning when I took the pictures, though, so…that explains the face.

And here’s the look from last night:

Closeups below and a shot of my current nails: Gray-T Glamour, kind of loving it.