Whoops. And FOTD 10/17/14

Holy shit, I took a while off from blogging, huh? Well, I’m not feeling super inspired to do long posts anyway, but I’ve got a shit ton of FOTDs backlogged. Although they’re so old I have very little idea what I used. Plus I’ve been more into neutrals lately, so they’re not super exciting FOTDs, either. Oh well.

And I *just* got my hair chopped. It was way longer than this, too.

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FOTD: 5/22/13

I know my face looks super light, but I swear 1-it matched my neck, and 2-it looked fine in real life. But I am getting vain/particular/irritated about the redness on my decolletage. 😦 I’ve been trying to be better about putting sunscreen on, in case it’s a bit of sunburn. But it seems to be sticking around. Ah well. Sometimes I think to bring my foundation down, so it’s a bit closer in shade to my face and neck, and sometimes I don’t.
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