Swatch Sunday, 9/19/10: Lippies

I figured I should go ahead and do lip swatches for the lippies I’ve “already done,” but only on my hands. (Because I checked the collection on Flickr to see what I’d already done, and my OCD tendencies were all, “Must have hand *and* lip swatches for everything!”) So today I’ve got two Rimmel lipsticks, and two High Voltage lip gunks below the cut.


FOTD: Green & Grumpy (7/13/10)

Not grumpy about the makeup, though. It’s cute. But just grumpy and pissy and whiny in general today. You know what cures it, though? A nap, snuggles, and spaghetti. True. I am feeling a million times sweeter. Also? It was thundering earlier, so if I’m lucky, it’ll rain again tonight.

More close-ups, details, and shots for pure vanity because I love my new hair color below.

FOTD: Ace! (7/10/10)

How much do I love, love, love High Voltage Cosmetics?! SO MUCH. Should have taken more advantage of that sale, huh. Oh well. I looooove the lip gunk, especially. Will definitely be getting more of those! And my favorite part about this look is how it looked with my hair color and eyes. And also that it’s pretty much the look I rocked my entire ninth grade year, and a bit beyond, too. Love it.

You know the drill.

Swatch Sunday, 7/11/10: High Voltage Cosmetics

**color descriptions are from High Voltage Cosmetics

Mineral Eye Shadows
-indoors, top without flash (sorry for the blur), bottom with flash; bottom of each swatch is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance

left: Livin’ the Life (golden magenta with grape accents)
middle: I’m Eighteen (dirty lavender satin)
right: Betty (army green with sparks of teal)

Vegan Lip Gunk
-indoors, top is without flash, bottom is with flash

left: Ace of Spades (maroon)
right: Girl from Mars (dark wine red with bursts of orange)