FOTD: Cthulhu Cultist (12/31/11)

New Year’s Eve was FUCKING AWESOME!

First, we went to Jay and Laura’s for “pre-gaming,” and I got to hold their newest cat (kind of still a kitten), Decker, who hasn’t let me hold her yet. She’s fierce, and adorable, and we half-snuggled/half-rough-housed. Adorable!! There was also a piñata, and fire crackers! (And now I kind of totally want fire crackers to set off in our driveway every night. Ahem.)

Then we went to Efrain’s and Alex’s, which was Cthulhu-themed, so I went as a Cultist. Pretty much inspired by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society’s Call of Cthulhu, even though it’s in black and white. As to why I went with green and purple, I don’t know. I’ve just always imagined Cthulhu as kind of green with an oily purple sheen. Whether that translated into the makeup…..well….. And I probably should’ve used some orange around my eyes to help make them look sleepless and sunken in, but I kind of like the blue, too. (I don’t think I would have replaced the blue with orange, just augmented it. Maybe some really sallow, sickly yellow, too. Or maybe that would go even more “bruise-y” than I wanted. I was aiming for “deranged, manic, sleepless,” more than “bruised.”)

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MUH: August Faves (late, I know! eep!) & FOTD: Concrete Flames

I needed to film my August Faves video (so! behind! on that one!) and I wanted to wear Concrete Minerals’s Flame Collection, so I did both! Only I was a little worried that the look might come out too similar to this look, so I tried to switch up the placement a bit. Looks like I failed a bit, since I put the matte red back in the outer vee again. But other than that, not too similar for my tastes, and I quite like the results. 🙂 (But ignore that strand of hair that got stuck in my lipgloss – ugh. It is KILLING ME. Just ignore it. I have no idea how I managed to be clueless about it when I was taking photos – normally the *slightest* thing gets on my lipgloss or in my eyes, and I am going bonkers trying to get it out. Blecch.)

Faves video:

Closeups of the FOTD and details below.
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FOTD: Karaoke Fairy (9/16/11)

I am kind of ridiculously in love with this look. With the circle lenses, the headband, the crazy eyelashes (which I got for one buck at a thrift store and they had thousands of them – SO going back for more, holy shit), the lip color. I wore it to karaoke last Friday, and had a blast.

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