FOTN: Posies & Weeds (6/4/11)

So, I wanted to go to this dubstep dance party. I don’t really dance in non-bellydance settings, but I like dubstep and wanted to see some local-ish djs do their thing, and I was really hoping I’d see some people who can throw down to dubstep. And maybe even dance myself, if I was so moved. So, light makeup that I didn’t have to worry about sweating off was the way to go. Sadly, I didn’t hear any dubstep, just late 80s/early 90s rap – not that I hate it, but I was *really* looking forward to dubstep, so it was disappointing. And a whole lot of people dancing awkwardly. Some of them were letting loose, and I have to respect that, but most of them were dancing in that “I kind of want to dance, but not really” awkward way where they hold back so they don’t look uncool, but then end up looking…it was kind of bad. I felt bad for them. (Which is really kind of shitty of me, but…it was super awkward. It just looked like they were twitching uncomfortably. I mean, at least have fun! You know? If you can’t relax enough and have fun with it, then come sit and drink with me, right.) ANYWAY! Makeup. Super simple, super cute, I think. (I left some of the close-ups super large, so you could see the peacock herl extensions in their true glory. Like velvet. Ugh, I love them. And need to put TONS more in.)

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FOTN: Leopard Love (6/3/11)

I wore this look to a show at the Pinhook, with a sweet (new-ish) leopard print tube dress I got. That dress is damn comfortable, and cute. I love it. Anyway, here’s the makeup I did – wanted to try out Too Faced’s Leopard Love compact, so I did.

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Swatch Sunday/FOTD: Posietint! (5/28/11)

I took pics of just Posietint on my face, but none of them came out very well. (Macro can be a real bitch about peachfuzz on your nose, did you know that?) I ended up adding it into my makeup for the evening (to go see a show), so I just didn’t crop those pics as usual, so you can see my cheeks, too. It’s a bit odd-looking to me, but I think you get a good idea of how the Posietint looks. I like it alot! Cheek and lip swatches:

FOTD below, with more heavily-tinted lips and cheeks. (Well, slightly more heavily-tinted cheeks – I’m still wary of clown cheeks.)
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FOTD: Bot Twin (some time last week?)

Really simple, and kind of really pretty. I am really into blush right now, for some reason. Or cheek stains, rather, and cream/gel blush, rather than powder. Although I still can’t decide if I’m putting on too little or just enough. Hmm. How do y’all tell when your blush is “done”? Also digging the whole Nancy Botwin thing – too bad I’ve watched all the Weeds available through Netflix streaming. Now I have to wait for actual discs, le sigh. And I really dig Celia’s look when she’s trying to be Nancy – I know it’s sad of Celia, but Elizabeth Perkins has kind of a gypsy vibe in that makeup and hair, and you know I looooooove that gypsy vibe. Also, Elizabeth Perkins. Love her, too!

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FOTD: WTF (5/10/11)

Seriously, what the fuck kind of face am I making here? Crazy. But it’s the only shot I got, so….yeah. Also, “wtf” because I am sooooo not impressed with the color payoff from the Rimmel shadows. Seriously – that’s supposed to be a green?! It swipes on like the palest yellow imaginable, barely noticeable. I think I have one or two more of these quads, but I don’t even know if I want to try them now. Boo. (I guess I could use them as highlights, or for really pale shades, as long as I knew stuff ahead of time like, “this green-looking bugger is actually really pale yellow.”) I wore this to work, and then when we went out in the evening, did a “proper” look that I was much happier with.

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