NOTW: 9/28/13

e.l.f. Mint Cream

e.l.f. and essie


Nails, nails, nails, nails! Nails, nails, nails, nails!

(Sorry, got the Dwarven “Gold!” song stuck in my head. 😉 )

The past two weeks, I’ve had Essie’s Midnight Cami on my fingernails – looooooove this navy blue! AND I love Gelish (thank you for telling me about it, Wendy!), because two weeks of wear and I’m only *just now* starting to get chips. I’m pretty sure if I’d applied more top coat/Gelish like, every other day, I wouldn’t even be getting chips now. Amazing stuff.

And on my toes, Nerd Lacquer’s Event Horizon – fucking LOVE my Nerd Lacquers! Sorry my toenails are little nubbins at the moment (and isn’t that a LOVELY cat scratch on my left middle toe?), but they needed to be prettied up nonetheless.

Nails of last week: Essie Power Clutch

Love it! (And according to Vogue, Rooney Mara’s a fan of the shade as well. But I actually picked this up *before* I read that one of my grrlcrushes likes it, too. Yay, synchronicity. The boots – from the shoe video – I bought AFTER reading, though. She had a similar pair that was her current fave – I believe the brand was All Saints? The Damisis, I believe. And a bit pricey by my standards. So I got something similar – 2 Lips Too Women’s Too Livid Ankle Boot, off Amazon – but cheaper, and am pretty chuffed.)