FOTD: Raspberry Darling (6/30/12)

WTF kind of face is this I’m making? I don’t even know. Also, the color’s a bit off, and I can’t seem to correct it (probably because I was using the older camera) – Darling isn’t quite as greenish tinged as this makes out, it’s more teal, and GORGEOUS. And also, my eyelashes aren’t applied evenly. Fuck it. I’m trying to get more practice, so I’m better at them and can put them on quickly, but there’s still only so much futzing around I can stand before I either say, “fuck it,” and leave them on, or take them off completely. I decided this was good enough.

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FOTD: Yo Dawg, I heard you liked Sugar Pill! (6/29/12)

I needed something bright and cheery and maybe a bit over-the-top and silly/fun. So, this is the makeup and outfit I went with. It did a pretty good job of cheering me up, I must admit. Sugarpill and Darling Girl and Shiro and ribbons and Hello Kitty jewelry and frosting rings and silly guts and fishnets and Docs are a fantastic combo for cheering up and not feeling too serious.

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