FOTD: Mouthing Off Exotically (2/1/12)

I’m officially starting a makeup no-buy today, for the entire month. I did make some last-minute purchases in January, of stuff I *really* wanted to try, so I wouldn’t be as tempted to break the no-buy – but just the stuff I felt was honestly lacking from my stash. (So, there’s still a great long list of stuff I’d like to have that I didn’t get, and won’t be getting until at least March.) I’m not including skincare/cleansing type stuff, because 1-I need to keep my face clean, and 2-I don’t tend to go as crazy splurging on skincare. Plus, I’m pretty well covered right now: really liking the Clinique three-step system, and then I’ve got plenty extra lotions and potions for extra-moisturizing, spa nights, masks, exfoliation, etc. But no buying makeup – I’m shopping my stash this month! Which I’m actually pretty excited about, as it means I’ll be using stuff that doesn’t get nearly enough love. I’m also considering a P10P, but I haven’t decided which ten items to use. To be honest, I’m almost definitely going to do a P10P as well, but it won’t start today, as I’ve got to sit and look through my stash for stuff I can use ALOT. ANYWAY! Here’s the look I put together today.

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