FOTD/Tute: Tiana (7/31/11)

Close-ups, product details, two alternate looks (one with a lighter eye; one inspired by Frog Tiana, with tute), below the cut.
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Swatch Sunday, 7/24/11: Black Rose Minerals

Today, I’m going to swatch BRM’s Pretty in Pinks collection. I’m an absolute sucker for pinks (and purples, and pretty much all colors – but pinks the most!), so you know I loooooove these!

One thing I particularly love about BRM, is that Rosa labels *everything*! There is no question about whether a shade is safe for eyes, lips, face, and/or nails – and non-vegan shades are BOLDLY marked as such. And I mean BOLDLY. And even on the sample baggies, the non-vegan shades are labelled on the back of the bag as such – so you don’t even have to look it up online, or sharpie it on the bag to remind yourself. Pretty thoughtful.

These are all swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer. Two pics: a clear one to show the colors; and a blurry one to show the crazy beautiful sparkles!
top row: Eros, Candyfloss
bottom row: Doll Face, Hello Kitten

Swatch Sunday (ON Sunday, yay!), 7/10/11: Black Rose Minerals

I got my very first Black Rose Minerals order a couple days ago – which was very quickly shipped, which made me very happy as I love getting mail. But it was closed with such cute tape, I waited until today to take a picture of it. I got a TON of samples, but today I’m showing you some of the packaging it came in (CUTE!), the stickers that came with it (CUTE! and generous!), and the samples from the Sprinkles Collection, because those were what I grabbed first. So, many more Swatch Sunday: Black Rose Minerals editions to come, so I hope you love them as much as I do!

Here’s the pretty red decorative tape that sealed the envelope. (Is it baroque?) I just love little touches like this, they’re so cute, and I think they indicate extra thought given to the packing/packaging/branding. Love it! (One of our couches is the “background” – sorry if there’s any cat hair on it. That’s pretty much how it is, though, when you have two cats, one light and one dark. Cat hair on everything, and at least one color is guaranteed to show up. 😀 )

A vellum packet contained my invoice, a very sweet handwritten note in silver paintpen on black paper (cute!!! I’m sure it’s Rosa’s style, but it’s also right up my little-inner-goth alley!), some business cards, and a gorgeous laminated flyer with a discount code for a future purchase. And here’s the pretty stamp on the front of the packet:

The back of the packet was stamped in black with “thank you!” in an Old English style font.

My samples were very neatly bagged up, and then wrapped in black tissue paper (squee!!) and sealed with a cute red BRM sticker. See?

Then, STICKERS! Lots of them! I keep my bank transactions in a Moleskine journal, and I used to put all the stickers I got from Fyrinnae orders on it. I *just* filled up my first journal, and had to buy a second one this past week. And thanks to Black Rose Minerals, it already has pretty stickers on it! It’s a little thing, but it makes me very happy.

And here are my two favorite stickers – although they're all cute.

Finally – here’s the Sprinkles Collection. Top row is Minty and Sunset. Middle row is Ultraviolence and Prozzac. Bottom row is Meringue and Bubble-Bobble. They’re all swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer. First photo is inside, with flash. Second photo is outside, in sunlight, no flash.