Swatch Sunday, 6/19/11: Alison Raffaele Lipskins in Sing

Well, I did spend some time getting caught up on tweets (twats?) and commenting on posts and shit, but now all my attention is on Ice Loves Coco, no lie, so I’m doing this post during the commercial breaks. I meant to do more swatches (like some Sleek swatches that maybe haven’t been done elsewhere), but, I’m doing this during commercials, and going to bed right after, so you get one swatch. Yep. Sorry.

I’m pretty much in love with Lipskins. I’ve got Sing and Laugh, and I’ve got my eyes on Breathe. I don’t know if any other shades were made, but if they were, they’re going on my wishlist.

For comparison, here are my bare lips, and Laugh.


FOTD: Bot Twin (some time last week?)

Really simple, and kind of really pretty. I am really into blush right now, for some reason. Or cheek stains, rather, and cream/gel blush, rather than powder. Although I still can’t decide if I’m putting on too little or just enough. Hmm. How do y’all tell when your blush is “done”? Also digging the whole Nancy Botwin thing – too bad I’ve watched all the Weeds available through Netflix streaming. Now I have to wait for actual discs, le sigh. And I really dig Celia’s look when she’s trying to be Nancy – I know it’s sad of Celia, but Elizabeth Perkins has kind of a gypsy vibe in that makeup and hair, and you know I looooooove that gypsy vibe. Also, Elizabeth Perkins. Love her, too!

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Swatch Sunday, 5/22/11: Lipskins = total love

According to the Weeds Wiki, Nancy Botwin’s makeup includes Lipskins Tinted Lip Balm. And of course, now that I’m obsessed with her makeup, I had to track that shit down. And guess what? I finally found what I’m willing to declare a Holy Grail product: Alison Raffaele’s Lipskins. I may have to check out more AR products – although it looks like maybe the Lipskins Tinted Balms were discontinued, since the only lippies on her site are glosses. I got Lipskins in Laugh, and holy shit, do I love, love, LOVE it!!! SPF 15, great balm feel, moisturizing but not too slippery, and I love the way it just kicks your lipcolor up a subtle notch. This is pretty much *the* perfect peach-tinted lippie I’ve been lemming for a while now, but hadn’t found yet.
Naked lips:

Lipskins in Laugh (actually a smidge subtler than this in real life):