find me elsewhere on the interwebs

my Formspring
my SingSnap
my main tumblr – just pretty things that catch my eye
my “looks to copy” tumblr – makeup looks I like and want to recreate, or use for inspiration when I don’t have any of my own 🙂
twitter: @kayeffjay
ravelry: kathyeffingjacobs
my Flickr
my personal Youtube channel
The Makeup Heroes Youtube channel, a collaborative channel that I’m a part of

Last but not least, I am love, love, loving! Goddess Leonie’s meditations, blog, planner, e-courses, and bountiful freebies. I can’t tell you how much! (Well, I can, but it’s too long for here – and I’ve blogged about it tons, so read those posts.) So I’d like to share the love, dearhearts! (That’s my Goddess Ambassador/affiliate link.) What can you expect? Tons of joyful, gorgeous, radical self loving goodies. “The Goddess Circle is an online sacred space with e-courses, meditations & kits to help you discover the creative, wise, joyful Goddess in you!” “Goddess Leonie has helped over a thousand women over the last five years discover the Goddess inside them.” If you like it, catch up with me in the Circle. xoxo


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