FOTD: 8/9/14 (wherein I basically copy Jane Marie)

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FOTD: Bold yet Gentle Theodora (2/17/13)

Originally, I just wanted to crib from a look Robyn did for a shoot. (It’s seriously gorgeous – y’all should go check out her blog and her fb page.) But then I couldn’t find the Illamasqua lipgloss I wanted, and I decided to use a shadow from the Urban Decay Oz Theodora palette, and then it kind of detoured into this. Not twins, not sisters, maybe cousins? Because the eye is still kind of similar, in idea if not in execution. And I also sorted out the macro setting on my camera – and discovered that the lighting in the living room is inferior to the lighting in the bathroom. And now I know.

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NOTW: Nail Stencils for the Complete Noob (12/03/12)

Okay, so I used the cherry blossom stencils from Revlon’s Shanghai Collection for this mani. Here’s where you can learn from my mistakes: for the cleanest, best-looking application of nail polish using these stencils, DO NOT leave the stencils on your nails for very long at all. 1-When you remove them, they will take some of the stenciled design (the part you WANT to stay on your nail) away with them. 2-They will leave behind a distressing coat of adhesive, that will attract any and all stray fuzzies, cat hairs, what-have-you. But if this is the case, I’ve got your back: through careful testing, I learned that Goo Gone will remove the adhesive, WITHOUT fucking up your mani. But anyway, lesson learned: slap down the stencil, paint over it, take it off pdq, move on to next nail.

For the “moons” (which, I know, aren’t as ideally placed as they could be, but I’m not Dita von Teese so I think I get a pass on them not being absolutely perfect), I just used some Avery hole reinforcers. Glamorous, I know!

This is one coat of Seche Rebuild (trying to grow those nails, yo! and keep them from splitting and shit), two coats of Revlon’s Valentine*, one coat of Revlon’s Gold Coin for the stencils, and a top coat of Gelous, which I applied *after* taking this picture, just in case the top coat totally fucked up my mani. (Which it did not. Yay!) And it was damn difficult to photograph – the camera did NOT want to behave.

*Obviously, this combo was inspired by one of Revlon’s own suggested combos for the Shanghai Collection. I was pretty sure I had a close (enough) dupe to 24K, and I compared Forbidden to Vixen in-store, and they look identical in the bottle. However, once I got home, I discovered my bottle of Vixen has gotten off somewhere. Hmph. So it was either Valentine or Devilish, and I went with Valentine. Devilish seemed too dark at the time, although now that i look at it again i’m not sure.

NOTW: 11/26/12

I watched Cracks, which is kind of beautiful and lovely and tragic and sad and awful. Eva Green is unbelievably gorgeous (as per usual), even though her character is pretty severely fucked up. So OBVIOUSLY I fell in love with her style, and then I did these nails, because hers are a similar shade in the film. I love this color so hard now. (I also read the book, by Sheila Kohler. The book is excellent, but even more tragic and fucked up and upsetting. But excellently written.)

This is one coat of Seche Rebuild, two coats of CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Forever Festive, and one coat of Gelous on top. (I know, I know: Outlast Nail Gloss has its own topcoat built in. WHATEVER.)

Honestly, I partially blame these fingernails for my smoking last week. Because Ms. G smokes, duh, with her fancy fingernails, so I’d just go sit outside and stare at my own fingernails while holding a lit cigarette. I did actually smoke, but I did more vain peacock staring than actual smoking, so maybe that was for the best. (And yes, I’m quitting. Have quit, actually. Well, kind of *was* quit, even while I was playing “Mrs. G,” because: OH MY FUCKING GOD, CIGARETTES TASTE DISGUSTING! Even my once-beloved menthols. I’m back to where they taste bad, I get no buzz, and they make my throat hurt. Which is good, actually. But anyway, I digress.)