FOTD: 5/22/14

And dang this looks alot better in these pictures than it did in real life. Oh well.

This is the “Night Look” from e.l.f.’s Villains: Evil Queen look book – the most recent one. Last year’s, or whatever. That’s mostly white background, and like watercolor-looking prints of the villains. That one.

I don’t really care for this color combo. Not a fan of a midtone grey (Witch) as a brow and inner corner highlight on me. (You can’t really see it, but I blended the unholy fuck out of it. It was patchy and….kind of blue-looking at first. And in natural lighting, NOT camera flash, it looked grey and…not great on me.) I guess the matte dark brown (Vanity) and the sparkly purple (Dark Magic) are okay together, but that grey is killing me. Not a fan of the liquid liner, either, but that’s because I’m not a fan of liquid liner in general. (The damn brushes! I just am no good. Give me a felt tip every time.) But I will admit, begrudgingly, that I didn’t hate the liquid liner as much as I usually do. Although that might be because I was EXTRA SLOW with it so I wouldn’t fuck up too badly. Or because I’ve been practicing with felt tips and gel liner and trying to get better at wings in general? The mascara is a fucking joke, though, and can go fuck itself. Soooooo irritating. Especially the part where it would smudge on my skin in a hot minute, but took a bazillion strokes to get ANY on my lashes. “Lengthening and defining”? Don’t make me piss myself laughing. Tossed it. DO love the lipcolor – LOVE IT. But I don’t really “get” it with the eyeshadow colors, seems a bit of a weird pairing. The eye primer….? Eh? Seemed okay. Not gonna stop using my three go-tos anytime soon, though. (They would be Concrete Minerals, Urban Decay, and Too Faced. Depending on which one I find first.


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