Woo Woo Wednesday: March Ritual

You have no idea how much I adore Sage Goddess and her shop and her goodies and especially her monthly Full Moon rituals. They’re really lovely, and just really nice time to carve out for meditation and intention-setting and just getting blissed out. She sells kits to go along with each one (they’re themed) – but you can also just attend for free via Spreecast. March’s ritual was for forgiveness, clearing out the past, and releasing things that no longer serve us. It was BEAUTIFUL. Here’s my little desk-altar setup for it:

The gems from SG’s ritual kit: rhodonite, onyx (the rough one, actually), blue lace agate, Apache tear obsidian, angelite, and clear quartz. I also added more quartz around the altar, rose quartz, and aventurine; candles; lotus incense; and dried roses.

Sage bundle and Palo Santo stick for smudging. And SG Deep & Dark perfume tucked away in the corner.

(Here you can see SG’s Forgiveness candle, and Pax perfume, which smells soooooo lovely, and is probably my favorite of the SG perfumes I have.)

My beautiful smudge fan (also from SG, and of course it’s pink, and peacock, and purple).

After the ritual, I put all the roses and gems in a bowl to keep on my nightstand, to reflect on, and keep that energy near.


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