I am wearing a LOT of pink today. And my whichgoose flower headband. And a necklace from Darling Girl. And my Alienskin Hippie Hoodie, and my Zombie Audrey shirt. And PINK – lots of pink. And a lovely new ring from Greg, that I actually got early, because I decided not to wait until today, and it’s so lovely, and I’m happy to have a kind of replacement for last year’s birthday ring (that the stone got knocked out of, and then the ring itself got stolen, boo; I know it’s just “stuff,” but I was kind of sad, sentimental value and all that; plus I’m a total magpie and love shinies!). Anyway, so Greg gave it to me early, and I just sat, grinning like a total loon (actually, possibly even *gurning* over it, I was that dopey), and saying, “Look at that shit! Look at that fucking shit!” over and over and over and over and over and over, for about…thirty minutes? MY FUCKING FACE HURT from smiling at the ring. I had to take a break from looking at it, and calm myself down, it was ridiculous. I do so love shinies, though.

Anyway, today is like: I’m not trying for a cohesive look, I’m just wearing what I want to. Which 1-isn’t that clashy, actually, and 2-isn’t that different from most days, but I’m happy, so yay.

Here is my loverly ring, and my new favorite pretty fucking bright pink nail polish. (Which is Nox Twilight’s Crush. One coat was damn good, and I could’ve stopped there – but I didn’t. Also, the finish is intriguing. It’s like, semi-semi-matte. Sometimes looking a bit rubbery. I don’t know. But I love it.)


2 thoughts on “33!

  1. Happy Birthday,I hope you have an amazing day! I love your shiny,sparklie and I also love the polish. I don’t have any rubberized finishes in my stash and I definitely need to change that.

    • Thank you!!!! 😀

      Yeah, my first (and only other rubberized polishes) were from Illamasqua. And the rubbery-ness is more pronounced with them, and at first it was weird. But now I totally love it.

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