NOTW: Nail Stencils for the Complete Noob (12/03/12)

Okay, so I used the cherry blossom stencils from Revlon’s Shanghai Collection for this mani. Here’s where you can learn from my mistakes: for the cleanest, best-looking application of nail polish using these stencils, DO NOT leave the stencils on your nails for very long at all. 1-When you remove them, they will take some of the stenciled design (the part you WANT to stay on your nail) away with them. 2-They will leave behind a distressing coat of adhesive, that will attract any and all stray fuzzies, cat hairs, what-have-you. But if this is the case, I’ve got your back: through careful testing, I learned that Goo Gone will remove the adhesive, WITHOUT fucking up your mani. But anyway, lesson learned: slap down the stencil, paint over it, take it off pdq, move on to next nail.

For the “moons” (which, I know, aren’t as ideally placed as they could be, but I’m not Dita von Teese so I think I get a pass on them not being absolutely perfect), I just used some Avery hole reinforcers. Glamorous, I know!

This is one coat of Seche Rebuild (trying to grow those nails, yo! and keep them from splitting and shit), two coats of Revlon’s Valentine*, one coat of Revlon’s Gold Coin for the stencils, and a top coat of Gelous, which I applied *after* taking this picture, just in case the top coat totally fucked up my mani. (Which it did not. Yay!) And it was damn difficult to photograph – the camera did NOT want to behave.

*Obviously, this combo was inspired by one of Revlon’s own suggested combos for the Shanghai Collection. I was pretty sure I had a close (enough) dupe to 24K, and I compared Forbidden to Vixen in-store, and they look identical in the bottle. However, once I got home, I discovered my bottle of Vixen has gotten off somewhere. Hmph. So it was either Valentine or Devilish, and I went with Valentine. Devilish seemed too dark at the time, although now that i look at it again i’m not sure.


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