Remember when this used to be a craft blog? No?

Well, it was.

And I’m still crafting and shit.

Lately, I’ve been trying to (finally, finally, FINALLY!) crank out some hats and socks and goodies and surprises I am SO WOEFULLY BEHIND ON it makes me want to cry. Until I got gastritis, and then I figured all the eventual recipients would probably appreciate me not getting germs all over their stuff. So I took a break from crafting-for-others, and worked on another bed-sized blanket for us. To use up Peaches & Creme yarn I had laying around – except I SERIOUSLY underestimated how much yarn a blanket that size would need. Now, I had quite a bit of yarn laying around, waiting to be used, and I’m not through it all yet, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough. But that’s okay, because the aesthetic for this blanket is kind of like the “aesthetic” for my sock yarn blanket: intentionally kind of hideous. It’s actually not as hideous as the sock yarn one. Not yet, anyway. But I figure if I need more yarn, I’ll just go buy a couple balls of varying colors, and there I go. (I do have some intentionally non-hideous blankets to make, but they’re way behind the line of stuff-that’s-desperately-overdue-for-others.)

It’s rather ambitious. It’s for a king-sized bed, and I just kind of guessed at how much to chain in order to crochet it from the bottom up, so the width of it is ridiculous, and has plenty of overhang past either side of the bed. Although, I guess that’s what I really want, in making a blanket for our bed, so we can share it and both get snuggled under it. Instead of, say, Greg getting under it completely, and me getting under it halfway, and having my ass hang out.

Speaking of the Hideous Sock Yarn Blanket, it developed a hole. And then I mended (ment?) it. I’m ever so proud of myself for that. And here’s Skeeter, sitting on it:

And here he is on it, refusing to look at the camera:

Ignoring the camera like a punk is seriously one of his favorite things, I’m sure, because here he is sitting *next* to me on the couch, as I work on the New Ambitious Hideous Blanket, and REFUSING to look at me or the camera for ANYTHING. UGH.

I like how his smugness sort of comes through that last pic, even though he’s not looking at the camera. What a bastard.


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