FOTD: Bob’s your uncle (11/14/12)

Okay, in the category of “neutral, more subtle, for me, looks,” points for a “work-appropriate” lipstick, here. I feel like Good to Go is very office-friendly. (Apparently, it’s also what Kristen Stewart wore in…a Twilight movie? Maybe the first one? Maybe all of them? I don’t know the specifics, I just know she wore it as Bella at some point, and the lipstick got a bit of press out of it. I picked it up because 1-it’s kind of nude-ish, and at that point, man, I was *trying* to get outside my comfort zone and try nudes, even though I’ve got nuder nudes than this currently that I’m totes comfortable with, but this was a while ago, and 2-yeah, honestly, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.)

However, let’s be honest: points off for the stars, because really. Not subtle. Although I lurrrrrrrve them. It’s ridic. I’m managing to get at least two uses out of each stencil, and part of me cannot believe I fell for such a ridiculous marketing scheme from MAC, and the rest of me is like, “Shit – can I dupe this with a papercraft punch and some tape? Or had I better go ahead and buy backups while they’ve got them?!?!” What I REALLY want, though, like, BADLY, BADLY want? Is some of those cray cray beauty mark stencils Grayson Hall (love her!) wore on Dark Shadows, when she was Countess Natalie duPres. Like card suits and shit. I want small but crazy “beauty marks.” I want beauty marks that don’t look remotely natural. Also? Real talk? I’m kind of loving these stars so much that I’m like, “….if you got them tattooed on, they’d be there EVERY DAY without having to PUT THEM ON.”

I’ve also been giving some serious thought to plastic surgery (“fixing” my upper lip – YES I KNOW IT’S FINE, JESUS, IT’S A PET PEEVE; and making my boobs the same size), which…ew, who the fuck am I, and who stole my body? What? I don’t even know. But these thoughts. Ugh. So far, I’m staying away from the plastic surgery and the face tattoos. So far. (Also, these frown lines! They’re not terrible, but for real: when my face is completely relaxed, and I’m actually pretty content and shit, I look like I’m frowning and mad. Because of the combo frown lines and longer, fatter lower lip that pulls my upper lip down into a frown. I’m way overthinking this shit, to a gross degree. Ugh, stop.)

Back to “grading” this as a “neutral, more subtle” look, though. I fucking LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this palette, for reals. But, uh. Yeah. About this “Fashion” combo. NOT SUBTLE. (In real life! In the photos, it looks okay. But in real life, it was like, “DAMN, that’s some makeup on your face.” Pretty makeup, but “DAMN!” nonetheless.) Granted, it might have just been me being hella heavy-handed, but this look, while pretty, is a bit loud. Luckily, still totes “appropriate” for my work, since I don’t have to wear, like, suits and “office appropriate” makeup and hair, and pantyhose and shit like that. Have I mentioned that I love my work?

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Benefit Erase Paste
-Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (Fashion look):
Nude Beach (crease to brow – kind of a glitterbomb, ngl)
Honey Pot (inner lid, inner corners)
Cocoa Puff (outer lid, crease, lashlines, applied wet for stars)
-Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara in Very Black
-Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel
-Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer
-Etude House Magic BB Cream
-MAC Prep+Prime Lip
-Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Good to Go


One thought on “FOTD: Bob’s your uncle (11/14/12)

  1. You could totally replicate it with some funky hole punches and tape (ew did I just say ‘funky’). Also did you see the double c beauty marks at the Chanel S/S13 show? ADORABLE.

    Also your face is gorgeous but don’t feel bad about thinking about surgeries EVERYONE DOES THAT. I would have my eyes de-hooded and my frown line fixed and… I think that’s it but only because I don’t think they CAN do anything about my nose. So yeah, everyone does that even though they know they don’t actually want the surgery or whatever.

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