Smells like Winter up in here!

When the weather gets cooler, I am generally happier. In Summer, when it’s blazing hot and humid, I perpetually feel like I’m going through early menopause. Boooooo. So while I tend to complain at the drop of a hat (just being honest), I’m much less whiny when I’m not sweating balls (or freezing my tits off). Hence my love of Fall and most of Winter (as long as it’s not too severe and icy).

Another reason I love colder weather is I can finally comfortably snuggle and get cozy. I tend to run hot anyway (more reason to hate hot weather), so cuddling with blankets or even Greg (that man is a heater, I tell you) is too sweaty. But not when it’s cold! Then I can get cozy to my heart’s content!

This Fall, I’m especially into the idea of cabins, for some reason. I’ve never really been that into them, but it’s about all I can think about lately: small, cozy spaces; crackling fires; the scent of cold air and pine trees; burrowing into a bed piled with fluffy pillows and snuggly blankets and comforters. Mmm! Oh! – I forgot the comfy jimjams and knit booties! The best!

I’m working on knitting up a new pair of booties for myself (right after I finish some long-promised knit stuff for other people), and in the meantime I’m being supremely lazy and skipping working out when I get home (bad Kathy!) in favor of putting on my jimjams immediately and coaxing the hubbles to snuggle on the couch. And now we get to the whole point for this rambling post:


Okay, so, one I got from sneakpeeq. I’d link to sneakpeeq, but that shit is like crack, so I’m doing you a favor and not linking. If you want to poke around sneakpeeq, you can find the site yourself – but don’t fucking blame me when you keep buying shit. I warned you.

Anyway, so this candle, right? It’s Diamond Candles, which is a pretty neat gimmick, in my opinion: there’s a ring inside a protective foil pouch in every candle, worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a ten dollar ring, and I’m 100% happy with that. I’m basically a magpie: if it’s shiny or sparkly, I’m all over it. But this particular candle is the Cozy Cabin scent, and it is amazing. The scent is cedarwood and vanilla, but in just the right proportions for me. (I’ve smelled cedarwood vanilla before and hated it – this candle is perfect for me!)

The second candle is really kind of the superstar of the two – and I got it at the fucking grocery store! It’s seriously my new favorite thing, and I NEED to stock up on these puppies. I am CRAZY over fireplaces. Love them to death. But we don’t have one in our home. I used to have a little firepit on the back porch, but it rusted and finally keeled over this Summer. Which is where this candle comes in, and why it’s so brilliant. It’s Village Candle’s Fireside candle, and it has a wooden wick that makes that crackling, hissing fireplace sound!!! Oh, it’s heaven! The scent is amazing, too: birch, amber, cedar, and sandalwood – again, not scents I’m usually into, but Village Candle got the blend exactly right, and I love it. And the fireside crackling on top? Oooh, LOVE! I just light the candle, snuggle down under a fluffy blanket, and snooze. ❤

As for that cold, wintry silence at night, well…I have a new app that lets me mix sounds, including white, pink, and brown noise. (No, brown noise doesn't make you shit – that's the elusive brown note. 😀 ) Right now, I'm particularly enamored of a mix of purring cat and rain on a tent (it really sounds more like snow anyway).


2 thoughts on “Smells like Winter up in here!

  1. Haaa I want a candle with a ring in so badly. It’s so tacky but so cool. Also, CRACKLING WICK?! Need! I’m going to tidy the bedroom tomorrow and get out my wax tart burner. Mmm caramel and shortbread wax tarts.

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