Watch it, learn it, love it.


(Transcription is here, in case you’re not familiar with some of the words and can’t figure them out in context, or if you just want to read some awesomeness.)

And then LIVE IT, and pass it on.

Being trans and queer and brown has no job description and I am not responsible for being your educator.

So do us a favor and educate yourself, because it takes more than not being an asshole to make space for oppressed people. You are taught to internalize cissexism. Have you ever taken a biology class that tells you that males have penises and females have vaginas? That’s cissexism. Being nice to us isn’t what makes you not transphobic, actively checking your privilege and making an effort to understand how someone else’s life experience is completely altered by being not cis is a good start.

Right fucking on! No one else is responsible for educating us; let’s educate ourselves, and learn to check our privilege, so that the world can be a lovely place for *everyone* and my inner hippie can rejoice.

On a sad note, RIP Sahara Davenport. You were amazing, and you will be sorely missed.


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