NOTW: Floral stickers (7/23/12)

Lasted about five days. Were very pretty. Didn’t use a topcoat. Got them free from KKCentrehk, for a promotion. Probably won’t pay $10ish for nail stickers until I can figure out how to be less rough on them, and have them last a bit longer. But I did quite like these.


2 thoughts on “NOTW: Floral stickers (7/23/12)

  1. Those are cute! I have another pair of nail stickers I can send ya if you want to play around with them,although these aren’t all that cute. I could see them being fun for a night out maybe because they are pretty sparkly.

    I wish I could keep my nails long,but once they start going over the top of my fingertips I get the clippers out and whack em’ off! I think I’d let my nails grow if I could polish them,but because of my birds and me being paranoid that their curious beaks will take a bite and eat the polish I don’t. I actually have some Zoya polishes I want to try that I got from Birchbox,but they just sit in my drawer collecting dust and tears.

    I’ve also been meaning to ask you if you have Mac Lightscapade?

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