FOTD: Paul & Joe (7/27/12)

Last weekend, I visited Wendy and Rob, and it was AWESOME! I started Friday out with a facial at Moshi Moshi, and got my makeup done there, too. It’s all Paul & Joe, but I have no idea what-all was used. Soz.

Read on for closeups, and what we did Friday night.

I got into Virginia early evening, met up with Wendy, and we went to go get Rob. Then we went…shit. To the mall? Yes, to Nordstrom’s, I think. Then we had dinner at No Frill Bar & Grill, which was AMAZING. Their Drunken Cheese Bread is PHENOMENAL, and I had the Portabella Pasta, which was so delicious. I took about half of it away with me, meaning to share with Greg, but…it kind of got eaten over the rest of the weekend. Oopsie. Then we went to Target, to get some food for Game Night (Saturday), and also got some clothes. (Haul video coming shortly.) Then we watched The Number 23 and vegged out. The movie was pretty good – I’d wanted to see it for a while, and never gotten around to it. It went in a totally different direction than I’d expected, but it was okay. The denouement was WAY too long, though. After the climax, it was way too slow in wrapping up, and a bit cheesy. But whatever, still enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “FOTD: Paul & Joe (7/27/12)

    • It is DELICIOUS! IIRC, Wendy said they soak the bread and onions in white wine, then…fry (?) it with ham and cheese. Holy shizz. I’m sure it’s a heart attack in a skillet, but we split it, and it’s so fucking good.

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