Woowoo: Kali Box

The Kali Box, or Death Box. Similar to something my first therapist suggested to me years ago, a worry box: You write down what’s bothering you, and you put it in the box, and you don’t think about it. Surprisingly effective. If you *must* worry, you just put shit in the box throughout the day, and tell yourself you can set aside some time once a day (30 minutes, an hour) and go through your box, and WORRY. Maybe you try to do productive stuff, and see what action steps you can take to reduce your stress. Or maybe you just look at all the stuff you’ve added to the box and freak out about all the stuff you’ve added to the box. But if it’s not your Worry Time, you just jot down your worries, shove them in the box, and move on. It gets easier with more practice, like pretty much everything.

What I like about the Kali Box, is this added dimension (which I interpreted a bit more literally, when decorating the box), of *relinquishing* your fears/worries/upsets/etc to Kali. Turning them over to her, to be destroyed, to be neutralized, to have all their energy soaked up and reborn as something else. Because she’s also a Creator goddess, not just a Destroyer. It’s like Death – Death is just change: endings, yes, but also beginnings. I loved the fuck-you tongue Kali’s rocking in that pic, so it appealed to me to envision her “devouring” what I put into the box. So that’s why she’s on the inside of the box, and my open, releasing hand is on the top. To help me remember not to hold on to negative shit that doesn’t serve me, and to offer it up to Kali. In the Goddess Temple course (which I’m a bit behind on – about a week, actually – but, you know, life has a habit of happening and going on, while we’re trying to do shit), there’s actually a sort of ritual of burning the stuff you put in your Kali Box, to release it.

There’s a lot about this that appeals to me. The imagery, the symbolism, the Jungian elements, the literal elements, the fact that I have ALWAYS thought Kali was one of the baddest bitches (in the best way) out there. And also, burning shit. Let’s be real: burning shit is fun. Burning negative shit is doubly fun and super satisfying.

My conscious mind sometimes gets a little (haha) self-conscious about all this: “But surely this is too hippy-dippy and woowoo, Jacobs.” And my subconscious, well, it’s not one for words much, it prefers images, but it generally flips my self-conscious conscious mind the bird. I imagine the message is along the lines of, “Fuck you, Conscious. It’s all very well and good that you’re sooooooooo rational and superior and use words. But I like images and actions and symbols, and rational explanations of why to move on just don’t make sense to me like they do to you.” So…I do this woowoo shit, and I fucking love it. Truth. It’s just a damn good and effective and cathartic way to get my subconscious on board and excited about letting go of old shit, cleaning house, and getting excited about new shit.


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