FOTD: Dolly Wink! (7/14/12)

Something simple and pretty, but a bit shiny, for celebrating a friend’s birthday! (And going to see her in the female version of “The Odd Couple,” which was FUCKING AWESOME!)

-Koji Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow in 01 Gold
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Stray Dog
-CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara in Brown
-CoverGirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm in Grenache

And the outfit (I *adore* that flamingo ruffly skirt – so tacky-resort-fun in the best of ways!):

And I’m going to do a bit of a review/give my thoughts on some bb creams, since Jill asked. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, because I don’t consider myself a bb cream expert (although, fair warning, I am a bit opinionated about them), and I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts and sort out what’s pertinent and what’s not really. So, that’s coming, if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “FOTD: Dolly Wink! (7/14/12)

  1. This seems very surfer girl, all laid-back and understated. I love the barely there pinkish color of that lip gloss.

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