FOTD: Sobe Get the Look Orange, Pink, and Purple by Blix (7/4/12)

Kit from here, and look/tute here. Blix is so brilliant, isn’t she? And Lex (owner of Sobe) is an absolute doll! She contacted me after I placed an order, to let me know she was having a sale soon, and ask if I wanted her to cancel my order so I could replace it in a couple days during the sale. I said no (impatient to get my pretties!), thanks, and then asked about her lippie Verdigris, since I’d wanted it but it wasn’t listed in her Etsy store – and she sent it to me for free, in addition to free eyeshadow and foundation samples! How nice! And it all got here super fast! Squee!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, Claire gave me the best summer bottoms idea EVER – she’s brilliant, too. Check below the cut for more pictures, makeup details, and Claire’s brilliance. ๐Ÿ˜€

-Detrivore Cosmetics Original Eyeshadow Primer
-Sobe Botanicals eyeshadow in Perennial (brow highlight)
-Sobe Botanicals eyeshadow in Shacked Up (crease and outer vee)
-Sobe Botanicals eyeshadow in Dahlia (inner and outer of lid and lower lash lines)
-Sobe Botanicals eyeshadow in Orange U Glad (middle of lid and lower lash lines)
-Sobe Botanicals eyeshadow in Going Bananas (inner corner)
-Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner in Black
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Midnight Cowboy (waterlines)
-Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara (which I finally used up on my lower lashes; thanks to Vic I had another tube, and could do the top lashes with BADgal, too! Thanks, lady!!)
-Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel
-Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream
-MAC Prep+Prime Lip
-Sobe Botanicals Lacquered Up Lip Gloss in Celebration

So, for a long time, I’ve had a problem with clothing in the Summer. Jeans are hot, jeanshorts aren’t always much better. Capri leggings are okay, but I’m not really confident enough to wear them outside the house as “pants.” Skirts and dresses are pretty sublime – but I swear every. single. time. I wear them on campus without also wearing shorts or leggings under them, the wind blows them up. So I have to walk around campus all funny, clamping my skirt down with my hands to keep it from playing “Seven Year Itch,” or I have to wear shorts or leggings under it, which kind of defeats the hot-weather-few-clothes purpose. So forever and a day, I’ve wanted bloomers, or something similar. Something cool and breathable – and cute! I tried sewing a pair for myself once, but I didn’t get the crotch curve right, and the waistline ended up being far too lowslung to wear out of the house. So when I saw this post of Claire’s, I knew I needed to look into these pettipants! So I got a pair on ebay, and I loooooooove them! They are cute, and comfortable, and cool, and not sweaty, and bright teal (which is my color this year), and a bit silly, which is the best! They make me smile, and they make other people who see them smile. AND! I figured Greg would just roll his eyes at how silly they were – but he thinks they’re really super cute, too! (I wasn’t sure if the picture would be better in the shade or in the full sun, and Greg reckoned they were cute enough to take two pictures.) And I got tons of compliments at Jay and Lara’s Fourth of July cookout, where I wore this get-up. I don’t think they’re exactly appropriate for wearing to my department, just on their own – but that’s fine. They’re great for outside of work, and they’re perfect for wearing to work under skirts and dresses – not anywhere NEAR as sweaty as my leggings. SCORE! Thanks, Claire! Best. Idea. EVER!


5 thoughts on “FOTD: Sobe Get the Look Orange, Pink, and Purple by Blix (7/4/12)

  1. This post is full of so much awesomeness! The shadows from the get the look set are amazing! You did a great job recreating it! Love the pettipants are awesome! Great find!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this look. The blending is superb. I love the colors on you. Ergh now I’m lemming some Sobe shadows. (And that super gorgeous lip gloss.) Bloomers!! I love them on you! I tots need to get some, I’m tired of wearing those awful spanx under dresses.

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