Woowoo: My Goddess Year July

Haven’t finished coloring in the lady yet, because I haven’t quite decided how I want to color her, or whether I want to use paints, or pencils, or gel pens, or what. But here’s what I’ve got so far.

The 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year workbook and planner is available (affiliate link alert!) here (also through Goddess Leonie’s site if you’d rather not use an affiliate link). I love it, although I need to be better about working in it regularly. I did a bunch of the worksheets at the end of last year/beginning of this year, and now I need to keep up with the work and making magic happen! But also, I’ve done so much already. For instance, on my list of 100 things to do in 2012, I’ve already gotten my eyebrows waxed (hey, little things, but soothing), had a facial, learned some German, gone to Germany and London, practiced Shiva Nata, made socks for Angela (Elfine’s Lace Socks!), started a hat for Shaun (yes, Vic, it’s actually in the works – the earflaps are just giving me trouble, but it’s coming!), had a bubble bath, sent out goodie packages, had Contemplative Layabout Sundays, listened to rain, snuggled with Greg and the cats, watched old movies in my Snuggie, gotten some “shinies” (jewelry, sparkly stuff, makeup, whatever glitters – I’m a magpie, basically), made some makeup videos, gone to the dentist like an adult, hooped!, started learning ASL, gotten a jade egg (ahem), gotten some goodies from Snake Church (just hair flowers for now, still saving up for a booty skirt!), had a great anniversary, got a couples’ massage with Greg, made madeleines several times, had spa days, VOTED, celebrated full moons, had a party, got some comics, gone swimming, gone camping, and fixed my bike! GO ME! And I’ve still got tons of fun magical stuff left to do before this year is out! I love this planner, holy dinger.


3 thoughts on “Woowoo: My Goddess Year July

  1. Seems like a better planner than mine which is “adult crap.” Why did you link Snake Church?! Now I want all those things!

    • I have a “proper adult” filofax that I carry with me for appointments and work stuff and whatever else I jot down. It’s helpful, and way more portable than this planner (which is….a smidge over 8.5×11?). But this planner is my hippy woo woo planner, where I put all the good mental health self care stuff, and the hippy woo woo self care stuff, and work on radical self love and shit, so it’s pretty much my favorite. Plus I didn’t print the images up in color, so it’s like my own coloring book, too, and that’s hella fun.

      And I linked Snake Church because Dusty is AWESOME and Snake Church is AWESOME, and people need to know these things. And have Snake Church stuff. If it makes you feel any better, I want all the things, too! And if it helps, you can consider it payback for all the lemmings you’ve given me. 🙂 But really, Snake Church is beeyootiful! All the things!

  2. I am exhausted just reading this,but it sounds like you have been having a great time! I like the planner,I should try something like this to help me be a little less forgetful maybe. I am totally digging Snake Church,it makes me want to shake my booty.

    Thank you again for the socks,they are so beautiful that some days I just hold them and stare at their gorgeous patterns and detail. =)

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