Unfortunately, while I *did* take pictures of the final look, I forgot to save them to my computer. Derp. So I’ll be recreating the look soon, to take pictures and slap them up here.

Just not tonight, still getting over being in a wreck yesterday that most likely totaled the Hybrid. It’s a bummer, dude, a real bummer. But everyone was okay, no one was seriously injured. If the timing had been off a bit, the other car would’ve slammed into Greg’s side, and seriously hurt and/or killed him. After impact, we ricocheted and slammed into a planter set up around a parking deck in downtown Durham – there was a ninety-degree corner on the planter coming straight at me. I still am not sure whether it was luck that we didn’t crash into it, or if I managed to steer towards the right so we hit the planter *not* on that corner. If we’d hit the corner…All I could think at the time, because the corner was right in line for me, and the brakes had locked up and we had so much momentum from the crash – not that we were going that fast, but the other car was, and the impact was pretty crazy – all I could think was the corner was coming straight for me, would rip through the front of the car, and kill me. It was scary as hell. I am thanking EVERY SINGLE ONE of our lucky stars, and counting ALL our blessings right now, and trying not to think at all about the could-have-beens, because then I get all teary-eyed. We’re okay – just bruised, contused, muscle spasmed, sprained, but okay. We’ve got a rental car lined up starting tomorrow morning, so we can get to work and still be able to pays bill and shit, and that’s great. And the other driver was gracious and honest enough to admit upfront from the get-go that she ran a red light and it was her fault, so…props to her, and dealing with insurance seems like it’ll be easier than the last time another driver totaled our car. (Fingers still crossed, just to be on the safe side. Last time, another driver ran a red light, totaled our Grand Am, and immediately apologized and admitted it was her fault – until the cop showed up, and then she claimed she had a green light. I was SO INFURIATED by her lying, even though I kind of understand why she did it. Thank all the lucky stars that the cop stayed there an hour after we left, watching the traffic lights, to conclude that there’s no way the accident could’ve happened the way it did *without* the other driver actually running a red light. That was also a pain in the ass to deal with, but…hopefully this time will be easier. Just paperwork and formalities and reimbursements. And crossed fingers. And no heavy lifting, because my chest is kind of fucked right now. Because we were wearing seat belts – and THANK GOODNESS FOR SEATBELTS! I will absolutely take bruises, contusions, sprains, and muscle spasms over flying through a windshield and knocking my brains out on that planter. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS, Y’ALL!)

Wanh, wanh, wanh. I’m not here to whine to y’all. I’m here to share a tute I (finally!) filmed and edited for the Makeup Heroes. This can be seen as “part one” in recreating a look from a promo/editorial image. I used the products specifically mentioned, which are higher-end, to see what it looked like on my skin tone. Then I filmed another version (to be edited, coming shortly) with lower-end products (the cheap version!) to recreate the higher-end look. And I’ll most likely, since neither version was as faithful to the original image as I’d hoped (they’re both beautiful looks, but not quite what I was hoping to achieve), fiddle around with makeup until I find the exact right combo, and film that tute. So there you go. Three in one. Here’s the first. I’ll update this post to add pictures when I have them.

Hope you enjoy! If so, please check out the other Heroes’ vids, and be sure to subscribe!

And take a moment to count your blessings, and hug your loved ones for me, okay? xoxo, k


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