I used a madeleine recipe instead of a sugar cookie, and piped out the different colors, rather than roll out cookie snakes. Because I’m lazy. They came out tasty anyway. AND OMG, THE CAKE DECORATING AISLE AT AC MOORE IS AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!!

Based on this.

All the batter separated, and colors stirred in:

Ready for piping:

Piped out:

Glittered and starred and drageed:


With a pearlescent, glitter glaze:

Closeup of the final product:


7 thoughts on “UNICORN POOP COOKIES!!!

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    • I think it’d be like the way I made the cookies: make the dough, separate it into batches, color the batches, then carefully remix it. Or look up some rainbow cake tutes and do it they way they do?

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