TiLT! is up

over here, at Woowoo and Witchypoo

Also TOTALLY have a FOTD to post, using some lovely goodies Wendy sent me, and finally finished a scrap-yarn-using-up granny blanket I’ve been working on for years – need to figure out how to photograph it in all its glory, and then will post crafty goodness. I think I got a shot of the Elfine socks I made for Angela, too, so I’ll try to track that photo down and slap it. Yay for crafting!


2 thoughts on “TiLT! is up

  1. I have a bunch of pics of all the lovelies you sent me and especially the beautiful works of art/socks,but they must be on my laptop. I will try to remember to post them later. I have to head off to get my Zometa infusion and then errands and stuff for the house. Probably be staring at paint samples for hours and hours,I never imagined that picking paint would be so freaking difficult!

  2. Man, I tried posting a comment last week but my computer pooped out. If you haven’t finished clicking pictures of the blanket I recommend two methods:

    -lay it on the back of a couch and drape it everywhere, because it looks super cozy

    -have a tall person hold it up for you
    –perhaps offer a bribe to said tall person

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