Valentine’s dinner, from Greg

Best hubbin ever! He made me freshly made strawberry daiquiris (with Truvia, so no added sugar, other than what’s already in strawberries and rum), and some seriously NUMMY food from my favorite cookbook, Hot Sour Salty Sweet. (Seriously, if you like Southeast Asian food, or Indian, or Thai, or…anything along those lines, you NEED to track down Hot Sour Salty Sweet and Mangoes & Curry Leaves. They’re like one-third travel diary, one-third coffee table book, one-third MOST AMAZING RECIPES YOU’VE EVER HAD. Swear!)

Daiquiri (I’m having one as I type this – sooooooo good!)

veggie wontons with Mae Ploy dipping sauce

stir-fried barley, and (vegetarian) ham with green beans and bean sprouts (recipe from HSSS)

And apparently someone (cough*who could it possibly be*cough) forgot to share the homemade whole-grain waffles, with homemade no-added-sugar cinnamon apple topping, Greg made a while back. Um, they were UNFFFFF. And I am soooooo spoiled.

It’s good to remind myself of how fucking much Greg spoils me, and how awesome he is about cooking ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. since I, uh, don’t cook very often at all. I’ve been really super stressed and grumpy and frazzled lately – but after looking at these pictures, writing up this post, and getting another daiquiri made for me (!!!) – I’m remembering my life is pretty sweet and magical. Marrying Greg was DEFINITELY the right choice. I’m inclined to say, dear readers, if you have already, or find yourself, a partner who spoils you absolutely rotten and is laid-back and cheerful, like Greg generally is – put a fucking ring on it. Or something. Manacles, if nothing else. (I jest. Unless you’re into that, and then, go ahead with your bad self, you cheeky devil.)

Did I just get all sappy on y’all? Soz!


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s dinner, from Greg

  1. Awwww! How sweet! You really are spoiled! Even though my husband didn’t make me valentines dinner, he does cook for me! I’m pretty spoiled too 🙂

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