TiLT! 3/1/12

-great, big, hyperventilation-causing, conniption-fit, gasping laughs
-Patton Oswalt
-Ron White
-Eddie Izzard
-George Carlin
(seeing a theme here? 😉 )
-good moods, less stress, better health (for me AND my friends – and my friends’ improving health/moods/whathaveyou makes me *especially* happy)
-my rainbow hair
-thinking about working out a style direction for myself for the year, like Gala does – maybe the last 3/4 of 2012 will be my Year of Cohesive Style-Having. Or….maybe I’ll continue to be a magpie. Decisions, decisions.
-gaming with friends!
-my lovely, silly, COMFY (like PJs!) Alienskin Hippie Hoodie
-new crafty projects (right now? working out the pattern for a hat for a certain someone. or maybe i should say, a certain someone’s husband. ahem. 🙂 apparently i misplaced the notes i wrote the second time i knit up that hat, and decided having a written pattern would be nice. so i get to revisit what i did when i made mine: grab Greg’s and get to stitch-counting. it’s kind of fun, actually.)
-Greg and our kitties and our friends and family 😀


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