The top of my bedside bookshelf – loooooove candles and statues, obvs. Especially my Shishi.

Two pictures of Skeeter snuggling with his FAVORITE PERSON EVER: Greg. In one of these, he is actually curled up *under the covers* with Greg. I am jealous, I’ll admit it. That little punk rarely lets me snuggle him. But then Greg sleeps like a log, and I toss and turn all night, so. Also, Greg is like a human furnace, and Skeeter likes to be extra warm. Whatever. 😛


2 thoughts on “homefront

  1. He’s a cappuccino kitty! Cream colored with the darker tan stripes… or tan with cream stripes or something. What a cute little guy.

  2. My birds do that with Adam,I am always being fussy and moving around so they tend to spend more time with him because he sits still. I have to admit it makes part of me jealous which is totally silly.

    I am in love with the color of your bedroom walls,I want green walls so badly. Fingers crossed I may have them soon,Adam and I are in the middle of closing and have our home inspection Monday! Sqeeeeal!

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