Hair doings!

So, a couple days after I went to Moshi Moshi for a facial and eyebrow wax from Tara (and holy shit, Eminence’s Acai Moisturizer smells like HEAVEN!) – actually, the day after, maybe? or two days later? anyhoodle! – I went back, so Genius Jess could cut my hair. I love her! I mean, not just as a friend (which she is! because she’s rad!) but also as a stylist. I love being able to go in and say, “Eh, I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it, it needs a little something. And the bangs are killing me.” And she works MAGIC. Magic, I tell you! My “short” has grown out quite a bit, so she layered it into the rest of my hair, so it won’t look too mullet-y now, nor while it grows out some more; and put in lots of layers to emphasize my natural wave/curls; and dealt with the bangs, and very cutely, too. And my hair’s more naturally wavy – but with a diffuser? CURLS, GLORIOUS CURLS! Pretty sweet!


3 thoughts on “Hair doings!

  1. Truly lovey lovely hair you got there. Curls are beautiful. Saw the colours you’ve had added too. This is amazing hair you’ve got going.

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