Bew, I’m over it.

I said I’d give my opinions on the bb dramz lately, so here it is. I’ve read a lot of SHIT (literally and figuratively), and seen more drama than I can stomach, and bad behavior on all sides, and people trying to shit-stir – and I’m over it. Here’s my opinion, but I’m done, moving on. Really sad and disappointed that all this bullshit happened. So sick of it that I’m literally sick (that “seasonal allergy bullshit” is particularly prevalent when I’m stressed out). Hopeful that we can get past this.

In the meantime, I do have what feels like a ton of FOTD posts to put up; I’ve needed to show swatches of the Revlon Expressionists stuff that Heather so VERY kindly CP’d for me, and is so woefully late – but nonetheless, still fucking GORGE!!!; and we went to Mardi Gras at the Pinhook, and I need to show y’all my makeup and dress for that – I cleaned up pretty damn well, if I toot my own horn. And other than that, I might post about makeup stuff, or I might take a break and post about crafts, or activities, or other stuff. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m tired of toxic mean girls bullshit drama, so alot of things even tenuously connected to it (makeup, FOTDs) have lost their luster for me right now. I’ll come around eventually, though. I mean, it’s SHINIES. You know me and shinies. AND I need to catch WAY up on blog commenting, so maybe I’ll just take a little break, and focus on reading what y’all have been up to! Yay! xoxo, k


7 thoughts on “Bew, I’m over it.

  1. Thanks Kathy! I couldn’t agree with you more! And to tell you the truth… the only thing I know about the drama is from Wendi’s blog. But it does soud like there are a lot of bad things going on out there 😦 Is it bad that I’m trying to ignore it and pretend like its not going on? Can’t wait to see what fun stuff you have to post for us!

  2. First up – damn girl. Your brows are looking good.

    I’m over it as well. What a load of bullshit. And for what reason? I don’t get it. It’s made me angry at people I considered friends. It’s made me worried about my friend jobs and lives. Crap, crap, bullshitty crap.

  3. On the drama: agreed. Very much agreed. It sucks when people get angry and spit on all the fun things. Crafting sound fun and generally less drama-full.

  4. I seem to have missed all this drama and have no clue what you all are talking about,I’m sure that’s probably a good thing. It is ridiculous how so many people feel they can hide behind a persona and not become accountable for hurtful things they say and do.

    I’m happy there are a handful of people out there that I feel are honest about who they are and Kathy,you are one of them. Thank you!

    PS~ RaeRae thanks for the giggles,I had to watch with captions on and it was pretty silly. =) Atomic Husbands!

  5. I shut down my blog because of the recent hoo-hah. :/ I had considered it at least a few times because I was worried about pissing off the wrong person/people (even though my blog wasn’t well-known or anything). Now, after seeing that some folks tried to get someone fired, that was it for me. I’ve been following indie blogs for about six months now, and the stuff that comes up never ceases to amaze me. All the scamming, lying, threatening, etc., sometimes with very clear intent to DO HARM to people…I can’t deal with it. 😦

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