Aren’t these adorable?! Silly, but adorable. I love them. They’re going to be my go-to shoes this Spring and Summer – which, hopefully, gives me ample time to learn to walk in them without wobbling. πŸ™‚ Shouldn’t be too difficult, as they’re wedges, not heels. So cute, though! And the strawberry bling ornaments on the side?! CUUUUUUUUTE! They’re the Oriento Sun So by Irregular Choice. And I think this is the harbinger of a torrid love affair with Irregular Choice and Poetic Licence shoes. Also, I can’t wait to start sewing up cute skirts to wear with them.

Ugh, and the pagoda carved into the heels just kills me! LOVE IT!


5 thoughts on “SHOES!

  1. Eek,I just took a peek at the irregular choice shoes and I was thinking,”I want these,and those,and those,and oh crap look at the price!” Hehe I definitely want a pair,but looks like I will have to be choosey and just go for one pair,

    • I know! I’ve been wanting a pair forever and a day, and they’re soooo expensive, but those were just too perfect to pass up. But they’re way more than I’m usually willing to spend on shoes, so they will definitely be my Spring/Summer shoes for sure, and possibly even Fall, and I will get as much wear out of them as I possibly can.

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